Friday, February 16

Overheard in the Cynic Household

My Boyfriend and I were in bed last night discussing how we might spend some of his redundancy money. This is one of the most common things we do in bed, the most common being sleeping. Amongst some of the ideas (holiday, Wii, owning a small chain of porn retaillers) was a practical one about buying a new freezer.

Him: "Yeah, but there's no point in us getting a freezer."
Me: "Why Not?"
Him: "'Cos all we'd do is fill it with food."
That, quite possibly, is the problem with western society...


xander101 said...

Yes, yes, make me look stupid!

You could put into the context that I was trying to explain that we would just fill up the freezer with food which we will inevitably not eat and when we move in a couple of years time there will be a bit of stewing steak that has been hanging around since we got the damned thing, yes I said damned thing!


Mr. Fabulous said...

You can also fill it with dead bodies.

Just a thought.

Ps said...

Or with loads of ice cream

xander101 said...

Yeah but if we don't have a freezer we'll have to eat all of the ice cream in one go, wouldn't that be a shame?

The Freelance Cynic said...

Geeze Babe, first you ask me to be funny and then expect me to not make insulting comments about you?

You can't have it both ways you know...

Bhalla saab said...

thanks for putting up my link! i've put up yours too..and do keep visiting!

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