Thursday, February 1

Brimful of Shilpa

According to the Mirror Yesterday, the Queen wants to meet Shilpa.

Off course, having not watched Celebrity Big Brother, due to a desire to keep my guts inside me, and not reading the Mirror I can ony gain my news from the headlines on the front page. And the Mirror is not the most reliable newspaper anyway often featuring stories about cats given birth to puppies, and the like.

Indeed when the Mirror refers to the Queen they may infact mean Queen Latifa or Boy George depending on how homophobic they are feeling an that particlar day, but I like the idea of the QEII meeting Bollywood's Superstar.

A-list Celebrity Shilpa walks up to the Queen of England seated on her throne with her crown on her head. And before HRH Elizabeth II can say a word, Shilpa shakes her hand and asks, 'And what is it that you do?'

In the mean time here's some more animated Racisism.

Enjoy, with a touch of cynicsm


Ps said...

I enjoyed reading this.That was so well said!!Especially enjoyed it, since Shilpa Shetty comes from my country!
Thanks so much for the kind words left on my blog.More importantly thank you for NOT pitying me (I hate that!)

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