Friday, February 2

Pay per Post

So I signed up for this Pay per Post thing.

I'm currently waiting for them to approve my blog.

I imagine they are having some interesting conversations now about whether or not it is ethically right to give a psychopath the right to advertise.

I don't see why not. I will only use my advertising powers for good! I won't try to sell a single crossbow or chainsaw, I promise!

Not immediately anyway, I'll have to use them first...


wewerethecoolkids said...

You'll love it!
Did you use the link on my site?
Yes I'm a big old click-ho.


The Freelance Cynic said...

They've currently rejected my blog because it's not old enough.

So I've sent them to the Original Freelance Cynic Archive Pages to see if I can change their minds

My Marrakech said...

Ah, they don't deserve all the bloody good details on your blog anyway.
PS Remember your readers particularly want to know about the fun things you do with the ice pick, pay-per-click or not.

The Freelance Cynic said...

How do you know about the ice pick? Who have you been talking to? Who am I? How did you get this number?

Lord Matt said...

All I can say is follow the your web page link for this comment to see why I think PPP is worse than an ice pick where ice picks should never be.

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