Saturday, February 3

And now for something Completely Different..

Before this blog goes any further, let me make something clear. I love my boyfriend.
I do not say it enough. When I do it sounds silly, babyish or just orgasmic. And I certainly don't write it enough, partly because I imagine most of my visitors would cease reading if each of my entries made them violently sick.

But I do love him, and I want to make you understand that. I would write an epic love poem exclaiming my love, but knowing him he would stare at it for a while then roll over and go back to sleep. And so instead I will just say it here one more time. I love him. I love him. I love him.
And a large proportion of the time I want him dead.

Now those of you already tied into long term relationships, like a submissive into a sling, you know this feeling already, but some of the single, care-free readers I jealously admire may find it harder to understand and get confused when, as is bound to happen, I rant about how much he annoys me and then run into the front room with him to watch the Saturday night takeaway.

At no point did I decide to spend my life with someone else. It is a remarkable choice, which invariably affects my life and this blog. And as bitter things are funnier to write about than sweet ones it may seem, most of the time, that I would rather live in a small beach hut on a clump of rock orbiting the moon, than live with my man.

This is the problem with themed blogs. If I could be bothered to write a diary like blog of my boring little life that would get maybe 2 visitors a year, they would see a much more balanced view. But I am selfish. And I want viewers. And I also want money, but that seems to be a little harder to get.

And so I say it again in pre-penitence. I love my boyfriend.
He is annoying, possessive, impulsive, obsessive, and I hate him.
And he is loving, funny, caring, giving, damn sexy and I love him, more than anything, ever, in the history of the world, the universe and everything- with the possible exception of this blog.

So next time I am knocking him down, slating him off or just bitching about his music taste, remember that after I click publish I still go and hug him whilst watching trash TV.

Because that, after all, is what lovers do.
Together, forever - or at least until the ad breaks.


xander101 said...

Yeah, In my "role" as the boyfriend I have to ask why'd you cut my head off? It's not like there aren't loads of links to my profile which shows my head!

Also you should've saved it for Valentines day, how are you going to top it now?

Thanks though, it's really sweet and cute. Makes me miss you a bit more now that your away for the night!

Gorilla Bananas said...

It sounds exhausting.

* (asterisk) said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at mine.

Ah yes, themed blogs. That's why mine isn't themed. It's just so bloody difficult to write about the same thing all the time, isn't it?

The Freelance Cynic said...

Xander - there is good research conducted in 2006 entirly in my head which proves that 80% of readers dont't click on links. For that 80% the mystery of your identity will remain.

Gorilla - Of course. The mating game is much easier for alpha males like yourself.

* - Writing the same thing is remarkably easy. Little Key combination called ctl-c,ctl-v
* - Writing the same thing is remarkably easy. Little Key combination called ctl-c,ctl-v

Ps said...

I can relate to this! I feel the same way about my husband!"He is annoying, possessive, impulsive, obsessive, and I hate him.
And he is loving, funny, caring, giving, damn sexy and I love him" You expressed it beautifully.Stole the words from my heart.

The Freelance Cynic said...

It's bizzare isn't it.

By it's very definition it must be easier to be single than be an a relationship and yet time and time people fall for the opposite lie...

local girl said...

Sounds like you're describing me and my husband. As much as I love him, I'm so glad that we both travel for work!

Thank you for sharing this with the Carnival of Family Life. It will be included in our next edition.

Lisa said...

You could be describing every long term relationship. You love em and you hate em, but you couldn't imagine life without em.

Here via the carnival of family life.

Samantha said...

I couldnt have said it any better myself :) Here via CFL!! have a great day :)

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

All of us out here in long-term relationships know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Husband makes me CRAZY . . . but then I look at the clock with worry if he is late. It's the human condition.

I'm here from the Carnival.

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