Saturday, January 3

Take the worry out the wedding with a professionally written speech

Have to give a speech? Worried about what to say? Beat the fear of public speaking with a professionally written speech

After years of writing for fun, I've finally decided to set up a business, and am now offering to write wedding speeches for your next big occasion. I  can work with you to prepare your next speech and make it something you'll look forward to delivering.

Using my 5 rules of successful speeches I can create the right speech for you. I'll even show you how to deliver the speech, so you can relax knowing everything will be perfect on the big day.

Be a confident public speaker with a Freelance Speech! 

What speeches am I offering?

Whether you only have 4 hours or 4 months I can help out with your speech. I can also edit your existing speech for you as well. 

See what people are saying about Freelance Speeches

I want to say that Simon is a wonderful speech writer. He helped me from my first, terrible draft to the very end; a complete and beautiful speech. Thanks to his ability I am also confident now to get up and give my speech! Thank you, Simon. - Jimmy D

The story of Freelance Speeches 

I have a nervous stammer and as a child I struggled to talk. Even now, if stressed, I struggle on certain letters. M’s and W’s are my nemeses.

So when I stood up to speak at my grandfather’s funeral I was shaking with fear, certain I was going to stumble over my words. But I didn’t stutter once from the first word to the last.

The reason? I trusted in the words I’d written and because of that it was easier to find the confidence to speak them out loud.

When I sat down again I knew I’d learned something new.  The biggest battle with public speaking is finding the right words to say. Every great speech starts with a great script, and I decided to spend my life helping other people find the right words to say as well.

Sometimes I still stammer when answering the phone, but I love talking to my customers and finding the right words for them. And nothing gives me more pleasure than when they thank me for helping them to stand up and find their voice.

Tuesday, July 27

Simon is blogging again!

Those of you who are still hanging around here, like Tom Cruise hanging on to his last thread of sanity, may be interested to know that I'm blogging again.

You can find my new blog, maybe a bit more grown up than this one, maybe just a little bit more sensible, but probably just as full of rubbish as this one is, at

Come and take a look and let me know if I've matured at all over the years

Thursday, August 28

If you don't like Gay marriage, Don't have one

The Friendly Atheist just wrote a brilliant post on Gay Marriage, Religion and the U.S.A.
Well worth a quick look.

Saturday, August 23

Wisdom from a Lamppost.

It's amazing. It's like the lamppost knows me!

Friday, August 22

Church of Scientology to come to Bristol

According to a report on GWR. Bristol's local radio, this morning, the scientologists are thinking of starting a new Church here in Bristol. Scientology Tent at the Discovery Balloon Fiesta
After handing out leaflets at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta the Church believes that the University town has lots of young fresh minds seeking answers and wants to set up here so they can help guide them.

Lets Review some facts about Scientology.

  • Scientology was invented by the Science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard

  • Scientologists believe that mankind is plagued by the spirits of Aliens, Thetans, that were brought to earth and killed by the Evil Galactic Warlord 75 Million years ago.

  • The only yourself of the Thetans, which bring misery and depression, is to work your way up through the Scientology course towards the Bridge of Freedom.

  • These courses are not free. To became a fully fledged Level 7 Scientology, and discover true peace, happiness, and enlightenment, can cost more than $350,000.

  • Scientologists are encouraged to lie to their family about how much they are spending and what they believe

  • Scientology breaks up families by pushing individuals to sever contact from relatives and friends critical of Scientology.

In Short
  • Scientology is a cult, designed to brainwash people, separate them from their loved ones, and take their money.

If they do try to come to Bristol I will be more than happy to lead the Protest.

There's enough lying here as it is.

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