Monday, February 12


  1. Talk
  2. Get off the Web
  3. Get Healthier
  4. Leave the House
  5. Join some Clubs
  6. Say Yes
  7. Spoil Myself

To begin with let me make something clear. Deep conversation I can handle. In fact I enjoy it, so much so that I paid out £200 for a 10 week counselling course to do it even better. It basically told me that I was good at listening, but it's good to be told nice things about yourself even if it does cost you money. That is the point of counselling after all.

However, getting someone into a state where they are happy to pour their hearts out is hard. I use to be able to engage in competent small talk with anyone, about anything, and more importantly used to be able to say positive things to myself.

Talking to people during lunch used to be a pleasure, even if I had never met them before, although I can't say for sure if it was such fun for them.

It is that kind of confidence that I am looking to regain, beginning with talking to the mirror.

Something like this.


Ps said...

The last part was funny!!
But you know what--It is true.You keep saying it loudly and you automatically believe it.It does change you--that affirming self belief.Talking postive does work.

etain_lavena said...

gosh, the towels are very green;)
Pep talking yourself is a daily activity, I can pep talk others, just not myself...whahahaha.....:)

Michael Sync said...

i hav added your link in my blog. Thanks. :)

Bhalla saab said...


nice blog!
could we work out a link exchange?
if interested pls add a link to my blog at and let me know.
I'll immediately put up a link too.


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