Monday, February 26

Why I'm getting Old... Part 2

I'm Reading Kate Fox's, Watching the Englsh a brilliiant book about the English habits and eccentricties. And I'm trying to make the statements about 'higher class' english people refer to me.

'Really sweetums, It's the Sitting-room, not the Lounge!'

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spoon said...

and you use Ya a lot...we do in SA, but not cause we're posh and they used to think I was being very ladidah there...fewls! Good luck getting some class!

Angelika said...

That's so cute.

I've gone way past caring what people think of me.

Scarlet said...

I love wierd books like this.. I will keep an eye out for it.. Thx.

Ps said...

Who cares what anyone thinks--as long as you love yourself--thats what matters.

The Freelance Cynic said...

I was quite shocked when i went home recently to discover how I seem to have ended up in a higher class than my parents.
I have no intention of ever really being upper or even middle middle class.
For one thing I love my tacky ornaments too much...

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