Tuesday, February 27

The Ingenuity of modern technical design Part 2

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Walking to the park at lunch an old lady walked up to me and shoved a tangled ball of steel wool in my face.

"It's electronic," she said. And then closing her fist around it walked off again.

Whatever will those crazy scientists think off next?


Anonymous said...

lmao i love old people

etain_lavena said...

whahahahahaha.....that is a cool sign....my gran sometimes say the weirdess things....:)

Ps said...

Maybe it was electronic..Maybe it helped her tell her where her glasses where,intstead of her searching.May be she saw the stunned look on your face and decided it was not worth explaining what it was and walked off.
Maybe I'm just a little too excited today :-)(working on a new picture--am always high without alcohol when I do.No--dont do drugs either)

spoon said...

he he...i forget how many crazies there are roaming the streets there! yourself included...

The Freelance Cynic said...

&Hearts - Good for you, although I'd advise you marry someone your own age.

Etain - When your granny speaks does she sound like the grim reaper?

ps - Glasses finding steel wool? Genius! Hope your painting is going well.

& spoon - Thanks... Although, if you think the english are crazy you should visit Ireland!

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