Monday, March 5

Hunger Shock

I brought myself a new PDA this weekend, part of my intention being that I could use it to update this blog. Instead I've spent the last few days playing with the PDA. Sorry. I have however, gained an amazing score on Space Trader.
  1. Talk
  2. Get off the Web
  3. Get Healthier
  4. Leave the House
  5. Join some Clubs
  6. Say Yes
  7. Spoil Myself
Walking home from the gym the other day, munching an apple on the way, I planned to go to Tesco (God of all supermarkets) and get some healthy, but easy, food for dinner.
I was heading down the aisle towards the ready meals when I walked past the eggs.
Now I love eggs and my love affair with them is powerful. Looking back over my life it is one long story of egg. I could happily eat 12 a day if my boyfriend would let me and still be up for an egg mayo sandwich as a midnight snack. Which is why it was somewhat odd, when I decided I didn't want them.

Baffled I walked on. The cake section was the same, the pizzas too, even the chocolate seemed unappealing, and then I realised a very bizarre thing. I wasn't hungry.

I am always hungry. It is very rare to hear to my stomach growling but mostly because I never give it a chance to. I eat when I'm bored, I eat when I'm tired, I eat when food is put in front of me, and hunger has never really played a part in it, more a kind of reflex action involving my hand and face. But standing next to the chocolate display in Tesco (PBUH) I realised I wasn't hungry. The apple had filled me up. And I went to the ready meals, got an Indian (a meal, not an actual resident of India), came home, put it in the oven and nearly forgot about it.

Something is beginning to take effect. I'm hoping it isn't the flu virus....

(P.S. Over the next few days, l had a fry up, a pizza, and a Burger King, so it may not be quite the revelation I was hoping for. But I didn’t eat all the chips so maybe all is not lost…)


Anonymous said...

lol well, uh, congratulations...ish? is it a good thing that you're not hungry (provided it actually is you getting healthier and not just the flu)?
i was going to try going to the gym more often and eating healthier, but today's plan of going to the gym for an hour (after 2 months of practically running in the other direction when i was reminded that place even existed) turned into me taking a 2 hour nap and eating a taco salad and a wunderbar. i've decided a bit of extra weight and less muscle looks better on me (plus my boobs get smaller whenever i lose weight).


gaygeek said...

aaah, spacetrader, such a timesink, must find the windows version and waste yet more time!

Angelika said...

I read that apples have a lot of fiber so they fill you up.

I bought a bag of apples the next time I went to the supermarket.

They were great with the caramel dipping sauce I also bought!

But they didn't fill me up...

Ps said...

LOL..No all is not lost.Definitely lost.Especially not the chips :-)

etain_lavena said...

whahahahaha...your funny:)
Ahhh Tesco....:)

The Freelance Cynic said...

Hearts - My boobs however aren't so attractive

Gaygeek - Ah geekiness the one common outlook we will always share

Angelika - Dipping sauce, I knew I was missing something.

PS - the chips were lost, the garbage can couldn't enjoy them the way I would...

Evain - Is there anything funnier than tesco?

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