Friday, March 2

Gym Duracell Bunny

  1. Talk
  2. Get off the Web
  3. Get Healthier
  4. Leave the House
  5. Join some Clubs
  6. Say Yes
  7. Spoil Myself

I have been to the gym four times this week and I am going again today. I am completely knackered, my legs are about to give out in a congealed mess of blood and skin below me, I’m finding it hard to raise my arms to type and I occasionally slip into a dream world between reps where working out is a federal offence, but I'm seeing it through.

And it is an amazing feeling, on par with making your partner orgasm before you do.

Not that I've had much chance for that recently. I have, after all, been spending all my free time at the gym...


etain_lavena said...

OUCH....I can just imagine how you feel, I hate when my legs get super sore and I cannot get down the stairs...hihihi....keep up the good work, even if you cant get up your arms...whahaha:)

spoon said...

I also have been going loads...wanna compare abs.

I'm selfish, I can't like my partner orgasming before I do...that's so wrong!

Ps said...

wow.Keep it up.Somehow I love doing weights.and love the reps.

Yes, yes I'll shut up. LOL.

gaygeek said...

surely u could use sex as a workout?

Anonymous said...

^ i agree with gaygeek lol

Mr. Fabulous said...

Who cares if your partner orgasms?

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