Tuesday, March 27

My Shopping Lists

We had a competition at work a few days ago to write a five item shopping list. The prize was an hour off work.

Here are some of my entries

  1. For Sale
    • A 3 Acre hollowed out volcano with fitted monorail
    • A ex squad of bitter marines
    • A shark pool with added piranhas
    • A Laser, world destroying size, with visible beam
    • And a white Kitty-Kat

  2. My Life Goals
    • A Pimped out red car with a spoiler
    • A vicious dog like a Rockweiler
    • A switch pocket knife
    • A fit trophy wife
    • And the rest of my life in the broiler

  3. Shopping List
    • Pasta Laguini
    • Vodka Martini
    • New Wool Beenie
    • Book on Houdini
    • And some Milk
Can you tell I wanted that hour off work?

And can you believe I didn't win?


Mr. Fabulous said...

Fuck 'em. Take an hour off anyway.

Anonymous said...

yeah. what mr. fabulous said.

and my url changed btw ( http://deviousugaraves.blogspot.com/ )

ally said...

i'd buy the 3 acre hollowed out volcano w/fitted monorail...only if, you can guarantee that the volcano will be dormant forever. ;)

i can't believe you didn't win the competition. i say get the votes recounted!

Scarlet said...


Take a 3hr lunch! F'k 'em.

Oh, what colour beenie?

Dale said...

As I've told my manager many times, I'm always within a 20 minute walk of the office if you can't find me. List number 3 please, minus the beenie.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Mr Fab - :) Can i do both at the the same time?

Kt- Updated the link

Ally - The volcano may not be dormant? That may explain why my monorails never run on time

Scarlet - Scarlet of course

Dale - :) My boss would just be very confused.

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