Wednesday, April 18

A moral Pillar of Society...

I'm finding it hard to find funny things to write about right now, and so, instead of taking the micky out of George Bush - my usual stand-by, I'll let someone else be funny for me until I remember my wit.

It's the same technique Jay Leno built his career on.

George Bush does a similar thing, with speech writers and think-tanks, until he remembers not be an idiot. Unfortunately however, we're still waiting.

Today's joke is sponsored by the Internet. Have you tried it yet? God bless Far-Right Republican America . Afterall, no-one else will.
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spoon said...

Loved your weight loss post and dude you keep striving for the man in that picture and you'll have to fight off some women...grrr! he he

Coaster Punchman said...

I liked your signoff line - did you write that yourself?

Angelika said...

How can you tell who has favorited you on Technorati? Can you answer at my blog, please?

Thanks. :-)

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