Monday, April 30

The Competition; Final Countdown

What a month it's been, with you all linking to me and favouriting me. Fools!

I've gone up to an average of 49 unique Visitors a day, the amount of time people spend on my site has increased and I almost had an orgasm when I realised my Google page ranking had gone from 0 to 4 overnight.

Truly you have done well.

The winners of the BlogExplosion Credits will be announced tonight. Here are your entry numbers.

  1. Dale
  2. Randolph
  3. Angelika
  4. Angelika
  5. Etain Lavena
  6. Ally
  7. 100 Words
  8. WebMiztris
  9. Imogen
  10. Bobbarama
  11. Mr Fab
  12. Pickled Olives
  13. Angelika
  14. Ally
  15. Hearts
  16. Instant Loser
  17. Mr Fab
  18. Skittles
  19. Getting Vocal
  20. Polliwog
  21. Stuart
  22. P.I.Frederick
  23. Simone
  24. Simone
  25. This Eclectic Life
  26. Angelika
  27. Coaster Punchman
  28. Lord Matt
  29. This Eclectic Life
  30. GayGeek
  31. GayGeek
  32. Angelika
  33. This Eclectic Life
  34. Angelika
  35. Angelika
  36. Reflecting Pool
  37. Coaster Punchman
  38. Words, Words,Words
Tickets number 38 to 65 will be automatically assigned to the people who favourited the blog as listed here.

There is still time to enter, simply link and leave a comment, or add Freelance Cynic to your Technorati Favourites.

Results will be announced before 00:00 GMT.


webmiztris said...

My crystal ball like mind tells me Angelika is going to win. ;)

P.L. Frederick said...

Congrats on your Google ranking. When Google tells you your marketing efforts are paying off, they are.

P.L. Frederick
Small and Big

Dale said...

When they finally unload the van full of your credits, where will you keep them? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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