Saturday, April 28


I’m leaving this behind.

This blog is a greedy mistress, demanding more of my time than I am prepared to give. She pulls me away from my family, from my friends and from the rest of my life, with addicting claws that dig into me like spurs into my flesh. There is a reason after all, that I don’t date women.

The page views fluctuate wildly, the comments vary massively and the only stable factor is the wasted time and effort it takes to update this page. It has come to the point where I begrudge having to update it, where I loathe trying to be funny at half-past six every morning, and where I detest the lack of interest, and reward, my effort receives

And so, after much consideration, I have decided to regain my life.

I am taking a break from The Freelance Cynic.

I’ll be back on Monday, hope you’ll can cope without me…

(Almost had you worried then, didn’t I?)

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ally said...

you did have me wondering... however, i was able to breathe again (eventually) after reading that you will be back Monday.

Anonymous said...

Rotten bugger, you had me panicking that I was about to lose my regular injection of freelance cynic!

See you Monday ya cheeky monkey!

Dale said...

I was worried for a moment and then I realized I could probably score some of your blog hits by adopting your persona. Then I realized you're one of a kind. Of what, I shan't say.

Angelika said...

That was mean! (cries)

This Eclectic Life said...

You almost made me cry! You're just trying to get comments, aren't you! You are just trying to get us to say we love you and beg you please, please don't go away. It almost worked.

Coaster Punchman said...

No shit you had me worried. I just started work on my Thinking Blogger post. I'd hate for all my work to go toward nothing.

Coaster Punchman said...

Thinking Blogger post complete!

Webmiztris said...

ha! yes, you had me there for a minute! I wouldn't even have been surprised if you were serious - it seems like everyone is either quitting or slacking in the blog department!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Blogging is indeed a cruel mistress. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Ps said...

You stole my words and expressed my sentiments so completely! I could relate to exactly what you said--Monday morning for me--and I shall await your new post, while updating mine!

The Freelance Cynic said...

ally - And they say fear is dead

Though - :) Less of the monkey

Dale - We have the technology, we can rebuild him

Angelika - Love you too :)

Eclectic - yep, did it work?

CP - Ah wasted effort, bane of my life

WM - I know, it's sad isn't it.

MF - Ta

PS - not going anywhere though are you?

♥kati3lov3sU said...

oh, you really had us going, you silly attention-whore :)

have a nice weekend.

bobbarama said...

Sympathy. What a cheap trick to gin up comments.



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