Thursday, May 17

Pre-marital Blitz

The arguments have started.

First there was the confusion over the engagement rings. Where should we get them from? How much should we pay? What will they look like?

It took us 4 or 5 detailed studies of the same 3 stores before we finally found a ring we both liked, and when we finally went to buy it they didn’t have it in our size. So we wasted half a lifetime trying to find another one, had our fingers measured, discovered our actual sizes were different to what we first thought and that the new ring didn’t come in them, ran back to the first shop to order the first ring again only to discover it had since sold out.

I’ve always believed a wedding was a somewhat magical event that effortlessly arranged itself, and resulted in a wonderful time for one and all. So far just trying to find a symbol of our engagement is difficult enough.

On top of this, My Fiancée (^_^) follows a highly predictable pattern every time a new Idea comes into his head, such as getting married, owning a car, or becoming a porn star. For about 2 days he will be obsessed with the idea, researching it in great detail, then falling in love with the first thing he saw. For the next two weeks he will dream wildly, throwing imaginary money at the idea, talking about it 24/7 and wearing me out by bursting into my room every few minutes with a new idea. Then finally, after a certain incubating period, the idea begins to lose interest, his attention wanes, and I can step in with some more practical, affordable, and generally sane ideas.

Right now, I feel exhausted just being around him, trying to keep up with the barrage of information he throws at me every few minutes. I’ve been finding it hard to update this blog, hard to be funny, and even harder to resist hitting him round the face every now and then. I’m actually looking forward to him getting bored of me again and abandoning me to watch downloaded episodes of CSI all night so I can finally sit down, spend some time to myself and work out what I want from this wedding.

The average modern engagement lasts 15 months but at this rate I’ll have died of exhaustion before the year is out.

And I still won’t have found an engagement ring.


This Eclectic Life said...

Welcome to the World of True Love, Simon. If you can survive the engagement, the next fifty years will be a piece of cake.

ally said...

i'm exhausted reading this! however, i really do think that things fall together in the end.

what kind of ring were you both looking at?

Angelika said...

Awwwww, poor dear.

Planning a wedding is HELL, or so I hear. They have a show here called "Bridezilla" because that's what most women turn into.

That's why when Hell Freezes Over and I get married, I'm going to Vegas.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Eclectic - Mmmmm Cake.

Ally - We've finally got some rings on order now!

Angelika - Ah Vegas wedding! I'd so be there!

whenn said...

Goodness, sure sounds like you have your hands full! :)
I'm sure in the end all will work out just fine!

etain_lavena said...

Planning a wedding is very very hard good luck to you....but enjoy it, most ppl only wanna do it once so make it memorable;)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, welcome to the begining of it all.

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