Wednesday, May 2

Now you know my ABC's...

It’s my 100th Post… kind of.

I mean if you ignore the competition posts and the PayPerPosts, and the posts that were so horrible I was forced to delete them, and the ones that I simply don’t want to count because it would force me to admit that I forget to do something special for the 100th Post, then this most definitely is my 100th post. Which means, by the law of the blogosphere, I have to do ‘something’ special.

I’d always wanted my 100th post to be a kind of about me page. But as Ally tagged me recently I figured I could save myself some effort and use that instead.

A-Available or Single? Fortunately nether, or unfortunately depending on your outlook. Either way I’m in a long term relationship with a man who considers himself an expert on Crime Drama’s and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
B-Best Friend: Depends what town I’m currently in, although I don’t really do best friends, just people I can actually be arsed to contact, even if it is just once every three months to make sure they’re still alive
C-Cake or Pie: Mmmm Pie, pie, pie, pie, pie.
D-Drink of Choice: Jack Daniels and coke.
E-Essential Item(s): Pad and Pen, PDA with Keyboard, Mobile Phone, Wallet. And my signet ring, otherwise what would I fiddle with when I get bored? Answers on a postcard.
F- Favourite Colour(s): Yellow against black, like a bumble bee, or fresh vomit on tarmac. Something about the colour combination and the contrast makes me smile.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? As worms are a kind of parasitic infection I think I’d rather have Gummy bears. Besides, you have to suck up worms and it’s hard to do it without looking stupid
H- Hometown: Currently Bristol, UK. Home of the world’s largest accent.
I- Indulgence: Cheese and Onion sandwiches and long hugs, although my Boyfriend insists that I don’t do both at the same time.
J- January or February: Kind of struggling for J words weren’t you? January – more time off work.
K- Kids: My nieces are enough to keep me going for now.
L- Life is incomplete without: Curiosity
M- Marriage Date: Well I’m dating the person I want to marry, does that count?
N- Number of Siblings: One older sister. And yes, I do get on with her. And maybe if we all clap our hands loud enough she may even comment on this post. Let’s try it and see.
O- Oranges or Apples? Apple Juice. My fruit should be as far removed from nature as possible.
P- Phobias/Fears: I have a feeling I may be afraid of failure and success, which means I tend to spend my life without really going anywhere. Except possibly to hell.
Q- Favourite Quote: Is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. – Shakespeare
R- Reasons to smile: Jesus loves me, even though I don’t believe in him. And I have a loving boyfriend, a steady job and access to the Internet 24/7! What more could a guy ask for, except possibly some chocolate body spread.
S- Season: Spring. I enjoy my hay fever so much
T- Tag Three: Angelika, GayGeek, CP
U- Unknown Fact about Me: I once performed a ventriloquism show to great acclaim while blatantly moving my lips
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Line up the chickens and find me an axe.
W- Worst Habit(s): Over eating, laziness.
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds?: What? Who the hell is writing these things? What kind of person has a preference? Do people sit around in clubs going “Ohhh now me personally I prefer the Ultrasound you know 'cos it’s less intrusive like…”? You’re all fired!
Y- Your Favourite Foods: Cheese, Cheese burgers, Cheese and onion sandwiches, Cheesecake. Twix chocolate bars.
Z- Zodiac: Sagittarius

Now you know my ABC's! Congratulations, you pervert.

And if you made it this far, you've also got a unusually high tolerance level for things that waste your time.


Anonymous said...

I totally have a thing for wasting my time. I enjoyed this bit of wasted time. Nice abc's!

Skittles said...

Great 100th (kind of) post!

gaygeek said...

is it sad that all 5 links to my blog on technorati are from your blog?

wait, dont answer that...

gaygeek said...

also, what is ur blogexplosion username? im gonna use u as a referal so u can get more traffic!

Danielle said...

Happy 100th post. I can't get past cheese and onion sandwiches though.

Be well and enjoy the day.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Pool - Glad I could be of service

Skittles - Thanks (Kind of)

Gaygeek - Advertise dude,
and my BE username is, unsurprisingly, Freelancecyinc, but you can also click on this link to use me as a referral. Or you could have scrolled your lazy arse down the page and used the banner and link in the sidebar of my blog :)

Danielle - Why are they too big?

Claire said...

I love cheese and onion sandwiches, hmm i wonder if i have cheese left now?

Very good 1ooth ish post!
I definitely smiled at your reasons to smile,lol!

Got to go and check if i have some cheese.

Anonymous said...

Cheese and onion? Oooh... I'd make you sleep in a separate room! (chuckle)

Waitaminute... maybe that's why I don't date much... nevermind

(slinking back under my rock to mutter to myself)

Claire H said...

Way to go little bro, bully me into leaving a comment.. pmsl. Worked though i guess.You evil genius you!! Great post by the way..
love ya..x

Webmiztris said...

unfortunatley I equate the bright yellow and black look with bad things. I used to have a bitch of a boss who wore a bright yellow and black power suit all the freakin time....bitch ruined bees for me. ;)

The Freelance Cynic said...

Claire - Mmmmm cheese

Thoughloversbelost - I don't even notice my Boyfriends breath anymore, probably because we don't kiss anymore

Claire H - I do belive in big sisters , I do, I do, I do believe in big Sisters, I do, I do...

Web - Cos you loved bees so much before.

Ps said...

nice nice :) Clever ABCs

ally said...

the ABC meme is certainly fun. happy 100th (sort of)post!

This Eclectic Life said...

It's a good thing you listed Thinking Blogger under this post....although I admit that now we know much more about you than you usually divulge.

Anonymous said...

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