Friday, June 22

Caption Contest Champions

There were so many great entries in the caption contest that I'm going to have to award the best three. And even then I'm stuck as to who to chose...

So in third place for sheer 'Smile Factor' we have Lissa
"Honey, I wash the car today and it didn't cost me anything."

In second place for the caption most fitting to The Freelance Cynic, it's Skittles
"They were so religious they even had their car baptized!"

But in first place, awarded for the most amount of effort put into a Caption contest, (and because my Dad likes it) it's Danielle with this delicious ditty
"Wanted to Fish

That was my Wish

Boat in the shop

But I wouldn't be stopped
I was glum
Already had the chum
I'll be a star
If I fished from my car."

Congratulations Danielle! Here's your Virtual Gift!

(Psst, An additional award for a great line that didn't quite make the top three but made me laugh like a horse for a while, Cmanlong's "Q was slipping." This car didn't float."}


Mr. Fabulous said...

Crap, I missed a caption contest?

I am so firing my assistant.

Danielle said...

WooHoo!!!! Much thanks to Dad for his vote. Sylvester will be very cared.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Be well and enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

oh, i missed a caption contest!!! Drat. Good caption choice!

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