Monday, June 18

Fired Beef

Michael Weston tried to stand up, but was held down by the dead Brazilian Hooker he was tied too.

Outside the cows were roaming, forming a pattern. He wondered if it was going to rain.

Using CIA techniques, he released his wrists. A small motor whirred as he walked to the window. It hadn’t occurred to him that there was a camera. It should have. He was, after all, in the Big Brother house.

The cows were forming lines. They made a shape on the grass like the letter, ‘Y’

The hooker had been cleaning the bathroom. He’d been called to scan for terrorist threats.

The bovine formed a circle, ‘O’. Then a ‘U’. Now it was an ‘R’. Then an ‘E’, the shapes flowing into each other.

She’d torn his shirt off with her teeth. He’d forgotten about the suicide-pill glued to the top button. Shame really. She’d done a great job on the taps.

An ‘F’, an ‘I’, an ‘R’

The camera whirred again. 'Management’ had seen everything. Killing hookers was one thing off duty. But on 'The Job' the rules changed.

On the field outside the cows formed an ‘E’ before moving one last time. The ‘D’ glared up at him from the grass, and mooed.

Throwing his badge from his pocket, he left the house.

He had but one thought in his mind; it was true what people said, the CIA could control cows…

This story is in honour of and sponsored by USA Network's Burn Notice. To find out why Michael really gets fired click to the home page and read all about it.

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