Wednesday, January 24

Everyone's a little bit racist!

These are troubled times. The world is at war. fights are breaking out. families dividing on themselves and millions crying in outrage all because of one person. One person who threatens our freedom, threatens our culture, and threatens our way of life.

Yes Jade Goody, the stupid, stupid girl, has caused quite a storm with some angry statements made in the BB house. Trouble is that everyone else has taken her stupidity for racism.

The odd thing is that the people who are against racism and prejudice are still happy to gather in mobs outside her house and throw bricks at her window.

In the prevailing spirit of Racism I present this song from Avenue Q with Animation by Drawn Together.

If it makes you chuckle check out the Avenue Q Soundtrack


Martlake said...

Love the soundtrack (looking forward to seeing Avenue in March) but not quite so sure about the animation. I'm not vegetarian for nothing ;-) but I can appreciate the work that went into it.

You make some good points about the Jade-focused hysteria. Most people won't give that a thought.

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