Monday, January 22

Blogged in space

It's Amazing!

About a week ago I thought a Web Blog was primarily a device for wannabe pop stars on MySpace or right wing political pundits trying to break into the Daily Mail.

Imagine my surprise then when I discover that the site I've spent the last three years developing, maintaining and ignoring was basically a blog. And even worse, that I could have designed the whole thing in about 3 minutes if I'd just known about this site back then.

That's three years of my life wasted, bringing the grand total of years wasted up to 20 and a half. The first two and a half years I can't remember but I do seem to recall Milk and Cookies which, to be honest, is about as good as my life gets.


The Traveler said...

You have yourself a new reader -- and a fellow fan of milk and cookies. Mmmmm, milk and cookies . . .


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