Friday, August 17

Forensic fotos

The sailor in the famous photograph of the Times Square kiss, when Victory was annouced over Japan, has finally been identified as 'Glenn McDuffie.'

He was identified, by a forensic artist, from the bones in his forehead and the shape of his ear.

If they can identify you by your forehead bones imagine what else can they identify you by...

Gentlemen, it might be time to get those pictures back off the web.


Sandy Carlson said...

Good though. Thanks for doing the thinking for a vast number of men out there.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Hey, if they could have identified that man sooner, that nurse would have some competition. ;)

Ps said...

Oh yes--this was reported in the newspapers here too.
Gentlemen can still relax.Not every photo is this beautiful ;-)

The Freelance Cynic said...

Sandy - Well someone has too

Chrysalis - At her age I'm sure she'd welcome it

PS - Depends on your idea of beautiful photos ;)

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