Monday, July 30

Writers Block


Misty Dawn said...

Ugh! This is how I feel lately! Except, I think it's "life block", just don't know which way to turn or what to do - so I just sit around doing nothing!

Linda said...

I have this very same problem - frequently!

mjd said...

Thanks Freelance, for the visit to my blog and to my rant. Your comment reminds me of the old joke about Jesus and the Devil having some computer contest. The power goes out. When the power resumes the Devil starts cursing and Jesus happily continues typing. The moral is, "Jesus Saves." In today's world, the Devil would not have to worry what with Blogger's automatic post saving and Microsoft's recovery...maybe all are saved.

Pictures and comic strips say many words so no need to worry about writer's block. This strip is funny, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think there is writers block going around. cute cartoon.

Dale said...

That sigh was so meaningful though.

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