Wednesday, February 27

Thus I Resign the Cynicacy

Unfortunately, The Freelance Cynic has become more real than I ever hoped, and as a result he's no longer any fun to write for. I never wanted this blog to be a place where I come to moan, that's what I have my boyfriend for, but this blog has become little more than a place where I write weak humour weekly in exchange for a few weak, weakly words of praise, and even that is getting harder and harder to achieve.

I've flogged it for as long as I can but now I think it's time to own up and admit that'll be best to just let Freelance Cynic age and decay as the years increase until eventually it crumbles to dust.

Now, the blog of my slightly deranged friend Marcus however, over at the Freelance Guru, now that's a character I could really write for. In fact, he's so right for me, you might even be tempted to believe that I invented him.

Like Casino Royale, this is a rebooting of the 'Freelance' blog tradition. Click to the Freelance Guru, subscribe to the Freelance Guru Feed, and let the blessings and wisdom flow.


Linda said...

Well, hell, guess I had best update my reader and my sidebar! It's off to the Freelance Guru I go.

RIP Freelance Cynic!

This blog has re-incarnated as
The Freelance Guru!

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